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Hollywood Honey

After Noah King throws a surprise birthday party for his new wife Jessie, the freshly turned thirty-year old, it's assumed that their marriage is picture-perfect, along with everything else their Hollywood money can buy. It's only when Jessie discovers that she can't have kids that her relationship with Noah begins to sour. At the recommendation of one of Noah's friends, he and Jessie see a clinical therapist, Ezra (Noah) Abergel. With his advice, the couple embarks on a sexual odyssey through an open relationship, hoping that it will help their desire for one another. But this is only the on-ramp to their marriage's disaster - and Jessie's loss of sanity. Under the mounting pressure of old desires fading and new ones growing, the complex navigation that follows the age-old question What should I do next? becomes a daring journey for both Jessie and Noah.

saltypony ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings