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What Follows

What Follows

'ALL IT TAKES IS SLIT WRISTS, THEN THERE'S NO WAY OUT' *** Roseline hates what has become of herself. Dumped by her boyfriend. Divorcing parents. Bullied in her school. Overshadowed by her siblings. Terrible grades. All which translated to an uncertain, gloomy future. She wants out. And she thinks she gets it once she realizes that the blood running through her veins is all that links her to the cruel world. She slits her wrists and all that follows makes her realize that this wasn't the out she was looking for. She's petrified when she realizes that she isn't really dead (at least not spiritually, as she likes to think) and is watching the consequences of her action unfold in front of her. Awful secrets are revealed and masks fall as Roseline fights her way through asking herself the same question 'every day'- Will I find a way out out of my way out? Or will I be trapped here? Forever? *** First Draft All rights reserved

teaddict · Teen
Not enough ratings