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Desolate World

More than a hundred years after Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, the survivors finally began to adapt. Many Sanctuaries were built, and the technological developments let them live civilized lives again. Some of them migrated to the Moon or to Mars to avoid the nuclear pollution ravaging the Earth, but many more chose to stay on the now ruined planet they called home. In 131 A.R., a groundbreaking game startled humanity. A VR game launched by the Human Union changed the fragmented society. Alex, a former gambler, was gifted free game capsules by the government with no explanation. Together with his family, they started their journey in this new world filled with magic and adventure. They never could have imagined that the game was more than just a means for entertainment. It would decide their fate and the fate of every human-beings as well.

Ron_Azure · Video Games
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Tiara trolled down the subway already running late for her part time job in the grocery shop. It was her first time at work. "Oh God, I'm so late." She mumbled, checking her watch as she took a sharp turn leading to her workplace. Tiara is a 20 years old lady who lived with her family in a small cottage at the county side. She assists her family and her education by taking up part time jobs in shops. She is heading for one of those jobs but already late. Just as she took the turn, she collided with Andy, the son of the Mayor and heir to RICHARDSON INDUSTRIES. "I'm so sorry." she muttered as she helped him pick up the documents from the ground. In picking up the documents, they ended up picking up the last one together. Andy slowly lifted his eyes to Tiara, locking eyes whiles lost in her beauty. "Um..., I'll take my leave now." she uttered and rushed off hurriedly without turning back. "wait, what's your....name?" he mumbled , his words slowly fading away as he watched her ran off. He had already fell in love with her. It was a love at first sight but what happens if the social class becomes a boundary for their love. Join me in this journey to find what happens to their love story. Disclaimer: Picture not mine. Credits to the owner. Follow me on IG@Henrietta_Otu

Henrietta_Otu · Magical Realism