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That Day, Our Hearts Bloom (BL SERIES #1)

Love, Happiness and Acceptance, three things that Dewey wants to achieve on his life. He is a bully victim since elementary because of his true color that against in the eyes of society. Dewey Santos was a first year college and an architect student. He transferred to another school name Cho Deom University to escape from the past and continue to live. After he transfer in that school, Dewey will find a new consequences that he will encounter and may cause to bring back again of his past life. He will meet Junseo Cho, a professional photographer and handsome guy from a wealthy family. He became a new School Director at Cho Deom University after his grandmother's hospitalized. He will help Dewey to find and love his true self, and face his fear from the eyes of the society. Despite of being attached from each other, will they be fall in love? If that will happen, will the society accept their love flaws?

Unbblkm ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings