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Pink Lotus

Wang Yu a young man with a past known to all but himself. stuck inside a Buddhist sect with a half-mad guardian. Watch as he grows strong slowly and uses his brain to survive in a world where death is a release. will Wang Yu keep himself sain or will he get tainted by the muddy waters of the world. Wait to find out as we watch Wang Yu strives to make his legend.

LustDaoist · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

No Other You

She was grabbed and was asked to marry him by a strange man she never met before, providing her evidence of an agreement that she signed. Afraid to make her father suffer the consequence, she agreed and became his wife. However, a month passed after the marriage, she never met her husband. He never wanted the marriage but he has no choice but to accept it for her mother's sake. For him to at least feel good about the marriage, he asked her to act like his former lover. Tangled by secrets and misunderstanding will they learn the truth behind their soul's incompleteness?

Vincy_Robertresse · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings



BloodyRedDemon · War&Military
Not enough ratings