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Heroes- A Highschool DxD Fanfction

Issei Hyoudou is a young boy who happens to celebrate his fifth birthday. little did he knew that the fate had different turns planned for him and his hometown. Due to people who still haven't revel themselves yet, have brought catastrophe in the peaceful residence of Kuho. In all this commotion, little Issei losts his parents and to put cherry on the top...he is trapped in Dante's Inferno. However, little did the world knew...the innocent, little, childish and playful kid, Issei Hyoudou- died. The one who replaced him, was hate and carnage and thirst for revenge. The kid- was replaced by a monster... However...will he stay one? or will he change? after all the path he will choose, will make me either a "monster" or a "hero"...

TerrelHayden · Anime & Comics

Ash's Little Sister

After being reincarnated into the Pokemon World, Yuri can finally have the adventure she has always dreamed of. Disclaimer - I do not own images or Pokemon, this is a fan-fiction. There might be some grammar issues here and there but I will try my best.

GreenDragon1222 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Why Everyone is so Dumb ? (A Naruto Fanfiction)

So, my life was boring, to say the least. I was born in a poor family, we strived to better ourselves day by day. I studied with my all, did everything I could just so that we would be where we were before all shit went out. My only wish ? I hope my mother is well, and that my father can take care of them when I'm not around... I am... Sorry, let me correct myself. I was James R. Alfred, 20yo, married, 2 children (a son and a daughter), died by lost bullets from a thief. Now I am Naruto, 11yo, don't really need to continue, right? Let's do all I can to survive this fucked up world full of dumb idiots... Cover is not mine. All characters are not mine. Nothing there is mine, I'm just writing this for fun and don't have any schedule to post chapters, peace.

Albreth · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

The Mask Slips (Classroom of The Elite Fanfic)

Akira Nishida and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji finally had their chance of freedom when they enrolled at Advanced Nurturing High school, the one place on Earth that Professor Ayanokoji could not reach. Kiyotaka and, much to his reluctance, Akira were both careless on their entrance exams. They both had a goal in mind, while Kiyotaka's goal is to live an inconspicuous high school life, Akira's goal becomes more enigmatic and audacious. DISCLAIMER: I do not own pictures I use in this or the light novel series "Classroom of the Elite." Please support the light novels if you enjoy this fanfic or the anime.

Misterlenny · Anime & Comics

DC: Gotham's Gamer

Soldier, Warrior, Sniper, Martial Artist, Gamer, Game Developer, he was many things... now, he's Gotham's Gamer. I suck at writing these summary's but please read the first chapter and see what you think.

DaoistfGosi3 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Reincarnation of The Multiverse God - Book 1

Exytanlek ruled over the many multiverses for trillions of years, after creating a hard-working and loyal network of angels that would look after each and every planet for him, he decided t reincarnate his soul and take a break for a while. He set three parameters for his reincarnation. Firstly, he would gain a random ability, power, or skill every three years. Secondly, he chose to randomize everything from his race, age, gender, etc. Lastly, he would retain all his memories of who he is. After pressing the big green button, his body flashed a golden hue as he goes towards his first life. First World - Star Wars

SithLordKalakan · Movies
Not enough ratings