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The Ridiculous CEO

The Ridiculous CEO

William Park, a 27 years old CEO of Park Corporation, a multinational company in Z Country was gifted with handsome look and wealth. He made many women and bent men fall in love with him. His cold and indifferent demeanor amplified his halo, making his dead-brain worshippers even crazier. He didn't have many hobbies, only one but it made people wonder. He liked... no... He loved embroidery. As people would associate embroidery as women's work, he didn't care about it. What he knew and care was: He love to embroider. After meeting his other half, he developed a new hobby that was: to be teased by his wife. His love for embroidery was completely replaced by his love to his cute little wife. Elena Park, a 25 years old independent woman, once known as campus belle and one of the geniusses in the history of Imperial University. She was well- versed in many things. She was warm and seemed naive outside but she was calculative and cunning inside. She worked as a forensic pathologist in a federal government agency. She was also an accomplished hacker that assist government to handle major criminal cases. She didn't have any hobbies before she met her handsome and wealthy husband. Now, she liked to bully...she liked to tease her husband. She loved him so much that she couldn't control her urge to tease him. ... "You are a sissy!" stated Elena. Wife, I'm not a sissy. Sissy's birdie will never react against you but can you see mine?" replied her husband while pointing at a huge bulge underneath the towel wrapped around his waist. " Wow, it's huge." blurted Elena. She shamelessly stared at the bulge. Her eyes were similiar to a wolf that look at its prey. Her husband, upon receiving such praise from the wife couldn't help but blushed. His face and ears turned red as the heat in his body rose. He looked at Elena with accusing look on his face while pointing his index finger at her. "You...you must be responsible." "Responsible for what?" "Responsible for teasing me!" answered the husband in matter-of-factly tone. Elena nodded, "En. Let's go." The man didn't expect her to agree easily. He grinned widely as he followed Elena to their bedroom. Only if he knew he was about to be completely toppled by her prowess, he would definitely prepare himself in advance. ### The cover is not mine. It belongs to the rightful owner. (Please contact me if you want to remove it)

TheCabbageLu · Contemporary Romance
The Golden Path Redux

The Golden Path Redux

Dreams lead men into the distant future and mankind desperately cultivates to reach newer heights. Two people that could not be any more different from one another must shoulder the fate of all. Their encounter forces both of them to use drastic measures to survive. Stranded far from the world they knew, they must use all their wits and brawn to forge a new path ahead. Will they manage to change their fate or will their fate change them in the end? To those who loved reading the first golden path, thank you! To the new readers, welcome aboard! Its about to be a wild ride.. (Please note that I do not own the cover art. Should this be yours I'll gladly remove it upon request.) Join us on The Golden Path Discord: https://discord.gg/j7Esunj

FST · Sci-fi