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 A realm of oppourtunity a realm of conflict, trial, strife, justice, evil,  and above all else power. a world where the strong control the fate of the weak. where justice and evil are but the opposite sides of the same coin. GREED GAIN can corrupt the most just person. with power they can have it all, without it you can only dance to others whims. sum use their powers for what they call 'family'. other for personal gain. their are few who use this power for their 'people'. their are those who use their power to curropt the world it self. to create chaos. those who use thier power for evil or justice.  But what is evil? what is justice? what would you do if you had the power to control fate? This is the story of an insignificant life. from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one for good or for evil. that is unknown. what this world has instored for him we will all find out with him.

INF · Fantasy
Not enough ratings