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Anonymous Demonic Angel

A word filled with Dungeons and Trial Towers. A world where Mages, Martial Artist, and Mutants begin their journey to test their limits and explore the world filled with countless mysteries. Kingdoms as countries, whether it's old civilization focused on magic and martial arts or modern ones that focus on science and technology, all have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the eyes of Nature, they are nothing worth mentioning as many strong empires rose and fell but no one managed to go against it, those who did aren't alive to tell the tale. What would happen when a genius WitchCraft Practitioner that loves fauna like his own part is reincarnated In such a boundless world? Meet Kale, an Earthling who was once hailed as the Unkillable Martial Artist with the alias Demonic Angel in the world of Kazeer and has now reborn in this mysterious world that has so much to offer. What would he want to become? A Mage? What type of Mage would he wish to be? A Plant Mage? *** Note: The cover is edited but not mine, if the creator wants me to put it down, then just send me a message. *** Discord-1: https://discord.gg/wu5jWHF Discord-2: https://discord.gg/HbEPSpE

Kennny7 ยท Fantasy