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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken WN 159+

A 37 years old nice guy was suddenly stabbed by a random attacker on the street and died. When he regained his consciousness and checking his body, he had became a Slime! "Eh? EH? Why I'm become a slime!!!" while saying so loud, his everyday was a fun Slime Life (Slife). The things he could do increasing, his subordinates increasing too. "Should I aim to be a Demon Lord someday?" Like that, this was a different world's slime life of a natural airhead protagonist who was transferred to somewhere.

Addario · Fantasy

Daily life in a Slime Dungeon

Taki, killed by an infamous truck, is reborn as a lesser demon. With his pet slimes, will he be able to protect his dungeon from the overworld? --------- Chapters p/ week : 7+ Chapter Length: 800-2000+ (instead of multiple chapters, I'd rather release a big one.) Check out my flagship novel, The Chronomancer.

TheTaleTeller · Fantasy
Not enough ratings