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Rise Of The Chainguardians

This story is about a boy who lost his parents by the hands or claws, of a race of supernatural creatures . This boy is a rare breed amongst his kind and or people. He is not only a guardian but also the savior of his people. This is Flectures story and how he saves his people from extinction and all the trials he has to go through along the way to find the one royal that he needs to protect above all others, his dragons other half. Find out if the Chainguardian race survives or dies... A/N: *This novel will contain graphic male x male actions as well as romance. If you are homophobic, then please do not read this. *This is my first novel, so please try to keep an open mind. My grammar and spelling are not the best, therefore I apologize for mistakes. *This novel will also contain dark themes and bad triggers. So again, if you can't handle that then please do not read. *for those who decide to read, thank you. it would mean a lot to me if I could get feedback on my novel, I know how to take criticism, so please don't be shy.

dragonsblade1793 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Mysterious Dragon Prince

Kai downloads a game, causing it to change his life completely. He wakes up in a completely different world, and not having a way back. Was it a glitch in the game? All he knows is that he’s in some alternative world, and has to play the game correctly, meeting people along the way, and soon falling in love, with the prince, that he’s supposed to be helping.

Kiwii_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings