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Affliction of losing someone {Minwon + Dino}

"Can you look after Gyu for me?" "Um....Wonu? Death is not that bad afterall" "Dino-ya? I'll wait for you" One is a request, other is an answer and the last is a promise. A story in which everyone suffered the pain of losing someone. The requests, the forgotten promises, the faith, everything is just-....... It pains them. Its just pain- it's either they feel the pain or see someone in pain. What they don't know is that one of them already felt as if they're just a living corpse. What is that pain? Will they ever find the feeling of being in love again? Will they be surrounded by happiness in the air again? Will they overcome it? Everything is just a question of hope or just a question. It depens on their decision they make to turn things back to how it was.

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