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Ava is a reclusive bookworm who only ever sees the same few people from day to day. She rarely leaves her home, but she loses herself in her books and her own writing. The adventures that she allows her characters to embark upon are plenty the outside world that she needs. James wants the world in the palm of his hand and he's being fed that on a silver platter, but there's no danger or excitement to his life like he craves. He'd much rather go out and be adventuring than just sitting and receiving the kingdom without putting in anything. These two unlikely lovers cross paths thanks to a bit of magic, but trouble is brewing right under their noses. Ava's past and James' present combine into one very bitter demon who's more than happy to steal James' kingdom from him. Not if Ava has anything to say about it. (Or a weird combination of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, a bit of Aladdin, and demons. Take it as you will.)

trainwreck404 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings