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Reincarnated As An Orc Slave, A Beautiful Princess Redeemed Me

Lin Lei transmigrated to a Middle Age fantasy world. He became an orc demi-human. At the very beginning, he was captured by a slave trader and was locked up in a dark cage. Each day, he worked in the beast colosseum fighting other orcs to the death, providing entertainment for the kings and nobles in the audience. Fortunately, he awakened a Beast God Bloodline. In the beast colosseum, he became stronger the more he fought. [Roar of the Tiger] [Smash of the Elephant] [Raid of the Wolf] The more he fought, the more skills he obtained. Just as Lin Lei won 99 matches consecutively, he found out that an absolutely beautiful young maiden had redeemed him for a large sum of gold. This young maiden was actually the princess. During the day, the princess said, “Sign this contract and you will be mine.” At night, the princess commanded, “Eat this blue medicinal pill and I will be yours.”

Frozen Throne · Fantasy
40 Chs

The Tyrant's Replacement Bride

Sebastian Leodegrance was fated to bring about the world's end, his path irrevocably marked by the three scars etched across his left eye as proof of his unholy contract with Ardalas, the Evil God. His insatiable thirst for power would have been enough to conquer all, even without the infernal blessing, but now not even the divine intervention of the Goddess could thwart his ambitions. With purposeful strides, he marched toward Cassiopeia to claim the hand of the renowned Princess Ava Cassia, a woman whose veins coursed with the blood of greatness. But as he drew closer, he discovered that the Princess had been exchanged with her Lady in Waiting. "Yes. I am the replacement. You have been fooled!" *** "From now on, Isla, call me Elder Sister." The person in front of her was the brightest constellation in the world. Ava Cassia... the Princess who was even prettier than the Nereids. But it was like looking in the mirror. She looked exactly like her. "Maybe the Goddess sent you to me so we can become Sisters. How about it, my dear Isla? Would you call me Sister?" Her most cherished treasure; her Elder Sister, Ava. "I'm sorry, Sister... this is the only way." "You must replace me. Because if I bear his child... this world would perish..."

Rossita Saga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
191 Chs