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A New World: Star Wars System

John was an average dude on Earth who shipped dirt for companies. He had an average life, family, and friends. His only hobby was fiction. Science fiction, historical, whatever. John died one day and was given a Star Wars System. What will he do in a new world? Any characters, lore, buildings, or weapons I use from Star Wars belong to Disney. The characters I create for this story, if they could be used in others, are my original characters. If I ever use a type of ship(Harrower-class dreadnought for example) I got the info from Wookiepedia. Also, if I haven’t released a chapter in a while, I’m either taking a break for myself, or because of a holiday.

RestlessShadow · Fantasy

Hells Lord of War

It is a story about a young Akolyth of the Sith named Vot Bynuk and his how he what he happened to him during and after his time at thr imperial Sith academy at Korriban He is a Mixture of a few races so he may be given a few innate Talents... I also don't know how good the stuff I write is so I am open for comments or critics which help me improving my writing. I probably won't publish that often since I need much time to write.

alphaaffe · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Star Wars: Rise of Callahan

Involvingsea · Fantasy
Not enough ratings



SlyMarbo · Video Games