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Replay: Do Over Disco

When Lina Williams opened her eyes and discovered that she had become Eteline Darmascos, the hated villainous in the novel: A Tear is Red, she decided to nope herself out of her role and do her own thing. A fiance who flirted with the Baron's daughter? Deuces. A brother who wanted nothing to do with her? Bye. Sister stole her friends? She doesn't even know them anyway. Father dearest was disappointed in his intellectually challenged daughter? Excuse her while she goes wipe her tears with her money. And screw getting along with the staff. They also heaped their garbage behavior on her as soon as she was born. They deserved to get face slapped from time to time. With the threat of being sent to a monastery to live out the rest of her day, Eteline decided do it in style. By ripping off her clothes and proudly strutting out of her home to show them she wanted not one article of clothing tying her to that house.

Claudine_Gbikpi · Teen
Not enough ratings

Life In The Spotlight

Life of a celebrity's is not how it looks like. They cover up a lot and we don't even know it. So what is it like for the most famous girl band in the world.....

EmilyMcGoldrick · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Back Home

Ethan Harris just moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Lima, Ohio for the summer. What happens when he ends up enrolling in one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the country?

ifeelikeiamamidget · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings