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Project Overworld

October 12, 2032, the game "Project Overworld" would release its first server to the public. Developed by the company "Advanced Simulations", this game aims to exploit the technologies behind virtual reality devices in order to simulate an entire universe. The players would all spawn on the same planet and try to survive with or against other players while building up stocks of resources and defenses. Eventually, they would be able to progress and exploit different resources to create technologies ranging from simple wooden spears to actual space rockets.

Cinerath · Video Games

Reality Rejected!

Reality Rejected! Cross, our protagonist is a avid gamer who is currently playing a famous single player computer game 'Gods Of Arena'. The game's next big update is out today which promises to take the world by storm and introduces some major additions like the multiplayer mode which will finally give it the one last push it needs to stardom. Cross is exicted to get the new game but has to go to school first but wait.... School's cancelled today, strange why? But he'll definitely take it. Mabye, he's school friends will buy the game too and play the game together along with many other kids all around Japan. Join Cross in an isekai adventure and much more. This story is heavily based on the real world. Influenced by world domination system, many isekai's. Note:- VOL1 beta test occurs inside the game. VOL 2 & VOL 3 will be about the real world and may feature a bit of rimance Also, this is my first work so please suggest and advice me for the better as english is my second language. Thank You

IJK · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Simulation 3ND

What will you think when your own world is digital simulation? What will you discover when you have the power to reset each time when you die? What will you do when you have to battle through a gruesome battle royale in search for the infamous Crown of Infinity? With the elements of RPG games, Alister, a fragile student and with his best friend Joan, they will experience a new destiny in the magical world of Casthynia. Will they survive the end of the simulation?

Red_Cerberus · Video Games
Not enough ratings

The Final Steps of Sara Orwell

It's been years since the Sara Orwell Organization has said anything about their research. Not long after a strange event at one of there hundreds of facilities, many world governments have started investigating the company and its CEO. Sara Orwell, who founded the company, took many steps to build her research. But as the organization grew it became harder for her to control, and with these latest events. It was only a matter of time before the public found out what she knew. These are The Final Steps of Sara Orwell...

Enkney · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Symphony of Strings

In the year 2040, a group of rich and powerful criminals create Metronome, a program that can emulate reality. In Metronome is a detective named Oboe who is a master at solving crimes. Their goal is to find and replicate a crime that Oboe cannot solve before they are caught. The setting in Metronome is based on New York.

TiyaTiya · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings