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the room of solitude

be ready for a ride in a rollercoaster as things might get pretty depressing when you are hit with life. a place where your best friend is solitude. going though life facing all the challenges. follow me in instagram 14Catstars to see my drawings and artwork.

CATSTARS · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Silent Voice, Unheard, ZelkPvp

His eyes sparkled slightly filled with thoughtfulness and caring but had deep sadness within them... The man was wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and a green scarf... I looked and saw a knife covered in blood lying on the floor beside Mega... The scars... both physical and mental... His blood was going down in streaks down his arms and hands, just like his tears down his face... Mega's hand found Jacob's, and he interlocked their fingers... //is this an actual description i sound like some idiot TRIGGER WARNINGS DEPRESSION/SUICIDE THOUGHTS/SELF HARM !!!contains swear words spoiler!! : chapter 34

Noonewhyareyouaski · Fantasy
Not enough ratings