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The evolutionary world of Elnus is home to the hyper realistic Humanoids called Ally’s. Theses beings could be used for a variety of things such as to help with life's mundane tasks, travel, and even to find love. Eden, the son of the mother who created ally's, never knew why his mother spent so much time creating them. One day he finds himself stuck with an Ally with no way of getting rid of it. Will Eden find a way to keep this secret from everyone and come to accept ally's? Is there a bigger purpose to why these humanoids are being advertised? *This story will be split up into 5 different routes. Each route will have a good and bad end. I have ideas for about 5 different routes. Although, that depends on how many are interested in the world I'm trying to build. Please enjoy your read. It means so much to me if you're reading this description. I'm open to any critique and suggestions any of you may have. ;)

Ethan_Scretchen · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings