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Getting rewritten

Yuu_Tsukiyama · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


Hi wonderful readers thanks for at least looking at my book and i hope your having a great day. A 5 year old kid got kidnapped from his home. On the planet called Alyke There is no difference between monsters and humans. At least that what Egel thinks.

Sawyer_Allen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Last Queen Of Time

Becoming a princess is perhaps a dream of every little girl out there. And when they grow up, they discard it for more realistic goals that suit them. But some hold into the dream until they are forced to release it. I would say I was the same and I got my wish.     What comes after becoming a princess is a nightmare no innocent maiden is prepared for. Being the Queen of the Emperor leading a country isn't as fantastic as it sounds. Who knows? They will maybe even make attempts at your life.   Your husband won't be filial as they made you believe either. Every woman in the castle is his after all. The game of the royals, fight for the throne, of dozens of mistresses and the queen only one can become empress dowager. Heartbreak, pain and insanity.    Now I have this second chance? I don't want to become the queen. But will anything even change? Perhaps it is my destiny.   But I will fight it. I won't die again, I still have things to do.    This second chance at life, is the miracle only granted once. 

Evernight_Dream · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings