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The Galactic Emperor is Reborn

This story is about a 2 million year old Galactic ruler whose mortal body could no longer support his overwhelming soul, So his long standing companion a System A.I. offered him a option of reincarnation to continue their conquest on the vastness of space.

Tropical_GameZ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Megaverse Admin's Travels

Koronos Avilon, An individual who used to be human before he became an energy-based entity started to feel bored with just managing the Prime Script constructs that formed reality as we know it. So he decided to shift his primary consciousness into an avatar to explore the various worlds from a different perspective only to find that the realities he travels to have several types of restrictions that pose a hindrance. So he has to find the core of the reality to remove the restrictions that bind his avatar in order to travel to other worlds. This is a story about the shenanigans he has to deal with during his travels. (Oh, there is no way he is going to be reincarnated by Truck-kun, Hopefully... His opinion, not mine.)

Builderxt · Fantasy
Not enough ratings