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Don't come near this Witch, Your Highness!

At the ripe age of 26, Jane left her novel 'The Way to Your World' unconcluded to possess the body of an estranged witch, Jaengardner Grangstephens. She was locked away in a tower for a crime she might have or might not have committed. Jaengardner Grangstephens, or as the rumours called her as 'the Treacherous Witch Doctor', is said to have come uninvited to the royal ball and cursed the Queen into an eternal slumber. The King was angered and decreed the Crown Prince to personally lead the investigation. Within one year, if the Queen did not wake up from her sleep, death by burning shall await the Witch! Inside the tower, the low magnetic voice of the interrogating Crown Prince with his ice cold pair of eyes finally cut the last thread of nerve of the maiden. She bravely jumped off the tower to escape. Newly labelled as the kingdom's fugitive, a game of chase begins - the hare aggressively avoids the hound, while the hound relentlessly pursues his target...

EmberV · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings