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She Rules the Dungeon

She Rules the Dungeon

In the year 2050, Earth has successfully eradicated problems such as water shortage and droughts. With advanced technology, it is the age of humans! With nothing mandatory to do or worry about, humans have launched into things like space exploration, research and experimentation. Of course, the world government has decreed that those who do not contribute do not get to eat good food. Nobody likes to live on nutrition pills. Who doesn't love good fried chicken? Driven by the motivation to make lots of credits to increase her social status so that she can eat good food in reality, closet otaku - Otta Olley, spent the credits she saved for the latest 3D Neru-Neru concert to start a dungeon gaming business. Can she stay out of the red and fulfil her dream of eating first class fried chicken?

Destiny_Aitsuji · Video Games
Not enough ratings