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The good old days in the Attic

Shen Cohen a 23 year old man who lived miserable and who scammed people specially for teenage girls using his handsomeness to lure women to buy his products... Drey Adler a 22 year old man depressed and can't get over of what happened in his past... one faithful day while shen was scamming people to get money he notice a man in a black hoodie passing through his store again and again the man was so suspicious and after 20 minutes of that man walking around his store it just disappear in a thin air and as his shift ended he was worried about what that man in a black hoodie would do to him because it looks so suspicious, then finally he's out in the store and look around and seems like there's nothing about since that man in a black hoodie is no where to be seen, he was walking in a bad mood as always and suddenly he felt going to pee so he went to the nearest alley and take a peed in the wall next to him and suddenly the man in a hoodie just appear out of no where and hit him with a baseball bat and lost conscious......when he regained consciousness Shen was shocked of what he saw.....

Art_Aldrian ยท LGBT+
Not enough ratings