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The forsaken Lore: Khasa

The forsaken Lore: Khasa

There is a character who is adult, mature, elegant, kind and gentle with unrivaled swordsmanship. In his life he was taught to remain loyal towards Kingdom and it's people. Support the wise ruler no matter what. But,,this made him pay a very heavy price. He was striped of his gentleness beckoning him to become a vengeful soul. And also,, There is another character ; cold, detached, impulsive and a brother complex. A certain period of his life became like a dream that he never wanted to dream of..and finally when he woke up..It was late..very late. He lost his faith, his navity, his beliefs and in the end lost his heart. Let me take you to their world where both of them got a second chance. One wants revenge while another just wants the vengeful soul to become his again. This time, their roles as well as their personality got reversed but their hearts unawarely to both, remained loyal forever. Hello~~?This is InkPaper. The story is from my own imagination. Any resemblance in real life or fictional world is pure coincidental. And the cover picture belongs to the respected (unknown) artist which I got from Google uncle. I edited for my own convenience. Now what are you waiting for, huh? Quickly go, click the read option then enjoy and along the way leave reviews, power stones, collections comments and suggestions for me ;; Your dear author. ? Update is unscheduled. A big thank you for the lovely readers.?

InkPaper · LGBT+
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