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Monster girls & Highschool DxD x Shota

A kid who was thrown out of his home from his parents, and he was all alone...A few days later, he was found by a beautiful monster girl and brought him to a new home where he can start a new life thanks to the help from Ms. Smith. After he has a new home and a new life, he's introduced to a beautiful crimson haired, named Rias Gremory, and many others as the days go by with his new life he has, and worse of all, the kid has an enemy bully who picks on him all the time at the school he goes to. Not only that, but his mean step family always try to punish him after kicking him out of the original house he was at before. It's a new life for the kid, and the monster girls he meets along with Rias Gremory and other friends he meets, they will try their best to protect the shota from the dangers that lies ahead of him!! (Note about the cover: I'm really sorry that the cover doesn't look very professional the way it look. I'm not the best at creating/making covers for stories like this one, and I hope you all understand ;-;) (This story was inspired to me by @Masonia, @JamesHall137, & @ doppelganger09 on Wattpad. so please check out their stories before reading this one if you guys have the chance)

Ben_Novara · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


~•~•~•~•~•~• A/N: Hi! beginner author here, expect some grammatical errors and wrong spellings but if you like, you can comment it so I can edit it, thanks for reading!

Hidden_Sorrow · LGBT+
Not enough ratings