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Exodus 20:14

A sacrilegious love affair between a creature of hell and an agent of piety. "There was a time when she did not do things like this. When she was pious and docile and everything she ought to be. Her skirts long and her tops loose and told her story of boundless joy and salvation at the hands of her Man. She had been comfortably coddled in the fleece that slipped over her eyes and painted her world rosy. Who knew how horribly banal it really was? How, in comparison, delectable sins would echo in her soul rather than superficially bind? It was dumb luck that had her here today, or Fate if you still believed in that cosmic anarchist. She supposed that one should believe in all factions of the supernatural if they had proof of one. If she believed in God, then she should believe in the Devil, and if she believed in this carnal demon that lay splayed before her, then she should believe in Fate and not just confine it to mere luck- she wasn't convinced if it was bad or good yet. Whatever the reason may be, she was here now, and she was, like a fish offered free food, hooked."

IntrovertedMono ยท Fantasy Romance
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