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Moneyland: Payback

A tribe of brave teens. An army of vengeful parents. A dome filled with enemies. And a future machine watching mankind destroy itself. * Freed from prison in 2041 following the deaths of her school friends during a cruel biodome experiment, Eden Shepherd is ready to return home to her parents and daughter and work out what went wrong in Moneyland. First problem, though: Eden’s dad has disappeared, leaving a trail of questions about his complicity in the rise of a heartless AI responsible for billions of humans uploading their consciousness to The Cloud and leaving their bodies behind to rot. Eden and her mom begin searching for Dr David Shepherd in the rubble that used to be the city centre – except it’s ground zero for a militia led by a man intent on killing Eden. After an all-new dome imprisons Eden in an abandoned mall with a tribe of teens, Eden finds herself fighting against The Father’s Force, the Mechastructure, and her feelings for the tribe’s leader Otzi all at once. As secrets about Otzi emerge and the rebels turn on one another, Eden realises she’s about to lose her chance at payback – as well as her life.

MichaelBotur · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings