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Celestial Lotus Monarchs:The Hua Lord and Divine Emperor

Celestial Lotus Monarchs:The Hua Lord and Divine Emperor

Lian Rong's family was brutality murdered in his last life while he was unjustly imprisoned in a underground cave.This lifetime he's the one with advantages .Can he save the heroic young man who tried to rescue him?Prevent the extermination of his clan?Save the world? Xia Zhan, was treated as the lowest scum but had an unbending spirit of a true warrior.Luckily he was blessed with great cultivation abilities so he grew up to be powerful.Being subjected to cruelty from a young age made his heart grew cold but he still retained righteous character. The selfishness and greed of a powerful few threatened the world.When the only person who showed him kindness perished to satisfy the lust of a few Xia Zhan scattered his power to save him but to no avail. As he lay there with a corpse in his hands he questioned his very existence. By saving the world what did he gain?What was the point... This is the story of Lian Rong and his disciple...

Lily_of_Incas ยท Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings