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Rewrite the Stars [Oikawa Tooru × Reader]

"The odds are never in our favor, so why would they be in it now huh? What's to stop you from breaking my heart?" "I love you. That's what's stopping me from breaking your heart. Believe me, I would never. And I think for once, the universe decided to rewrite the stars for us." You are Kegeyama's older sister. You were only two years ahead of him, but you found him to be kind of annoying. You are siblings after all. You two went to the same middle school, and shared the same passion for volleyball. You were one of the best middle blockers, and because of this you met the one and only, Oikawa Tooru. The boy who stole your heart. You two were great friends, and it was obvious that you two liked each other as more. But, you got scouted to go to Shiratorizawa because of your great grades and outstanding volleyball skills. Your parents decided you should go to Shiratorizawa instead of Seijoh, where you wanted to go with Oikawa. It seemed that the odds were never in your guys' favor. Kageyama hated him, and you went to rival schools. You never thought falling in love with him would hurt this much. He never thought falling in love with you would make him go insane.

Sery_Chan · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Ignore This I Can't Delete it

otaku_stuff · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings