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Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi

Mc is reincarnated on Naruto has a member of the Sarutobi clan world with some perks. The picture fan art belongs to Green Tea. was the only most handsome Asuma when searching for pictures for this fanfic light novel. This is a Fanfiction and I don't own any of the characters from Naruto, or MHA except for the Mc and others I may add.

IntactReincarnator · Fantasy

Reposted to Fan-fiction Section

The novel has been reposted to the Fan-fiction section with the same name. The Random Reincarnation of An Average Guy Further chapters will be posted there. I will delete this novel after all the chapters are in the fanfic section. Please vote, rate, review the new story there. Thank You all for your patronage. ?

NotAProperUsername · Fantasy

Naruto: Insight

Have you ever wished to find out how exactly Gaara became the Kazekage? Or how Deidara got mouths on his hands? If so, look no further! This book will be about the events that took place off-screen in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. You may even consider them canon. It won’t affect the original plot. I do not own any of the original characters, plot, or the pictures used here. Credits go to the respectful owners. My stories are purely for your enjoyment. Requests are welcome. I won’t be doing Boruto unless someone requests it. WARNING: There may be spoilers!!! Made for Naruto fans by a Naruto fan!

Yora_Uchiha · Fantasy
Not enough ratings



TheEnlightenedSage · Video Games
Not enough ratings

_Sacred Mountain_

Young and talented shinobi named Akira was minding her own business until a mysterious boy showed up while she was on her way back to the temple to finish her task by delivering an important relic. It did not seem that this meeting happened by accident after he tagged along. There was something that he was after...

Auksoun · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Shinobi Betrayal

You are a female Shinobi. Or are you a clone? You want revenge... on The Shadow Clones? Or perhaps its all The Voices in your mind that aren't letting you take back who you truly are right this moment or even since the day you learned of your true birthright of becoming THE BEST OF THEM to crush YOUR opposition. What could possibly stand In front of me in my position with what looks to be almost unlimited resources! Quan Style Because most of my stories will be adapted across multiple media I have chose to write my books in second person. I believe second person gives the particular main character a sense of personality. Also there is a bigger overarching reason why I choose to write my book in second person. I also prefer to be different in my way of writing so people can understand my style of writing. Thank you for all the readers and enjoy!

Quan_Perrett · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings