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The Curse Fulfillers [ His one and only ]

Ramanasur : A serpentine shifter, who possess magic in his veins. In the egoism of his powers, his dominance and greed, he destroyed many superior and inferior races of the universe. Just to fulfill his one desire : To rule the Three Worlds ; Hell, heavens and Earth. And with his supreme powers, he even earned it. The Throne of The Universe. But... then Dhara.. the last fae...... the last half dead, half surviving member of her race... after the bloodmass...shed... who was on her last... some remaining breaths... in this World... she cursed him. 'The deep blue Oceanic eyes... The deep blue oceanic eyes.. will be the death of yours. Just like today, I am leaving this World.. alone... There will come a day... a day.. when this setting sun.. will count your last breaths.. too. When.. the rising moon.. will increase it's speed and presence.. just to... just to... see your end.' Dhara cursed him from the bottom of her heart. And they say A fae curse had never ever remained unfulfilled. Never. | | | Few centuries later... Two pair of deep blue oceanic eyes were born. Two girls. Two fulfiller of the fae curse. Agarwal Sisters. ... But they say good news take time to reach the ears of evil.. but bad news. Never. Ever. And within a day, the entire Universe came to know about the existence of these two girls, including Ramanasur. Well.. how could the great Evil monster, let these two little buds blossom or survive. So, he sent his best and utmostly loyal sub-ordinates to end the chapters of these two sisters. ~~~~~ And a battle broke out. The result of the battle. The end of Agarwal family. But miraculously and with little suspense, the two sisters disappeared from the battleground, before the mass bloodshed. The girls, who weren't even a day old. They disappeared. ... Then few days later... One appear on the gates of The Alma International [ The Shifter's bride School ]. While another just get lost completely... whose traces are even till now... wasn't found... So, what happened to these two sisters. Is the second sister alive, too. Will they end the demonic era, with the end of Ramanasur. Or not? How could an omega family, give birth to Alpha girl. Just what is the secret behind these mysteries? Why previously The Alma International and now The Elvish International, the second branch of The Alma International, is getting attacked again and again by the magical creatures? Why is Priya Agarwal, a mere human, getting rejected again and again, during her interviews? How could an Omega girl, with brown eyes carries the traits an personalities of an Alpha? Suspense.. Suspense.. and Suspense... To know more... please read the upcoming chapters. And please support the author and the book. Also, this book is participating in WSA. So, please don't forget to send power stones, comments and reviews on the book on daily basis. With love Author

Kirtirajput ยท Fantasy Romance