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The Wolf in sheep's clothing

Guai is a wolf unable to shift, Because of that Guai had then been thrown from the pack, after deemed as useless into the realm among the sheep known as humans. After a while she inadvertently saved a small child who opened the door to a life filled with complications. -- This book contains sexual content and some graphic scenes, it is a fantasy base and a reverse harem.!!! --- PLEASE note the cover is from Pinterest it is not mine if you are the owner and request the photo be taken down please inform me and I will comply with your wish. This book is an original work. If you like my work and wish to support: buymeacoff.ee/SUPERWEIRDO For discussions about the book please check the discord server: https://discord.gg/Dg423Yys Dear readers, I will begin editing chapters. Forgive this small one if I offend you. *kowtows*

SUPER_WEIRDO · Fantasy Romance

The Voice of the Angels

17-year-old Evangeline was orphaned since she was a child. Seeking a purpose in this world, she rises through the star industry to become the most well known and respected singer in the world. But even with the love and admiration of the people, she still feels...empty. She felt no connection to this world, to the people. She had nothing to lose, nothing chained her to this life. At the height of her career, she jumps off the tallest tower in the world, hoping to finally find the freedom she hoped for. To gain the wings that will lift her high into the sky, to give her a purpose. Little did she know, her call was answered. She was guided to another world, a world filled with mysteries at every corner. A world of magic. A world that needed her to save it from the verge of collapsing. Will Evangeline finally find her true purpose, or will the enticing peace of darkness take over...?

SW_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings