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Good Girls Don't Cheat

Shawn could easily be the guy you bring home to your parents- he is charming, good looking, respectful, and being a successful pop star helps with his allure. But, the more you get to know him, the more you realize how wrong you were in the beginning. And, before you can pull yourself out, it’s too late. You’re butt deep in the pool of his magnetism. Most women know what to expect when you’re dating Shawn Rayo. He will not try to make you feel like you’re special. He will tell you out front that he doesn’t want a relationship. He will put his intensions out on the table, and if a girl decides to date him, there’s no one to be blamed for heartbreak but her. Instances from the past topped with his insane popularity around loose women of all ages have made him a misogynist who has long forgotten how to respect a woman. Who is to be blamed for his lack of a love life when he doesn’t even know how not to hate every woman he sleeps with? But when Shawn is hasting from one fling to another, fate intervenes, as if a force from above couldn’t see anymore how screwed up he had become. He meets a girl who has no time to even romantically look at a guy, let alone date him. Itika. She is far from the others. She is an overnight internet sensation who has spent most of her life trying to be a perfect woman. She was basically born into womanhood, so much so that she doesn’t have a single example of her being young and stupid. When Shawn meets her, he knows she could be the one. THE ONE. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that she refused to go out with him. Even newly married women didn’t refuse Shawn Rayo. A chord is struck in his heart. But, little does he know about Itika’s secret. And why even if he becomes the best guy in the world, she can’t go out with him.

ElsbroSparka · Magical Realism
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