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The Pinnacle of Creation

Magic. Blood. Power. Alone. Weak. Powerful. But more than anything, unique. Waking up with no memories, our protagonist has nothing but his instincts and two desires, to devour, and to evolve. This is the story of a lone creature evolving to perfection. (So....... Not gonna lie, this story is kind of like reborn evolving from nothing and the last primal. With a big difference no reincarnation. That's right no pesky human memories dragging us down. As well as no system, i hate systems they're an author cop-out, and no cheats. Also i am a ruthless author, i have no qualms hurting or killing important characters, no plot armor.) for those who do read my work, Thank You!!!!!!!!! Please point out any mistakes and make suggestions i am always open!!

LordofHappyPills ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings