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Origin of The Origin : The Path to Ascendance

[MATURE CONTENT!] [NO NTR] [NO YURI] Buckle up, because in a world where cultivating power comes with a dash of audacity and a hint of mischief, one rogue soul is about to rewrite the rules! Join our witty protagonist as he dares to walk a scandalous path, stealing wives and hearts alike, in his relentless pursuit of ultimate power. Are you ready to be enthralled? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MC is merciless and does whatever is necessary to achieve his goal. The character's development is slow but as the story progresses, it'll be noticeable. But MC stole other's women to achieve his own goal and desire. So if you don't like the dark plot, this is not for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Additional tags - #EvilMC #AttractiveMC #Dungeon #Ruins #HumanLead #VillainousLead #IntelligentMC #WeaktoStrong #Vampire #Demon #Beast #Dragon #ShamelessProtagonist #Politics #Face-smakcing #Smut #Immoral #Anti-Hero #ForbiddenLove ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first novel. I'm a novice, I hope you like it. The cover is not mine. English is not my first language. If I make any grammatical mistakes, comment and let me know. Thank you for reading. : )

MOONshadow_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings