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To Capture a Snake God [BL]

[BL - boys love] XueYa is a sorcerer, on his quest to reach immortality and become the greatest sorcerer who ever lived. To do that, he must retrieve the body of a blue-belly snake. LiangLin is born into a snake god family, the leading snake clan of the Hei’ang city, and the sole owners of the largest brothel within 100 miles. The two lives intertwine when XueYa steps into town and steals LiangLin's body away - literally. On his journey to retrieve his body back from the sorcerer, She LiangLin will learn that, yes, even that one-eyed bastard of a sorcerer has a heart, no matter how small and ugly it might be! And XueYa... well, it is up to debate if he learns anything, at all. --- BL, so it is about a love/relationship between two men. Disclaimer: the art cover is not mine. Credits go all to the creators. Join our discord! https://discord.gg/KQSxMNtQfh

LinShui · LGBT+