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Legend of the Perfect Emperor


BaiSiwa · Eastern Fantasy

Immortal Arts Of Cooking

Warning: rated NACB for Not A Cook Book. "Su Ying, i just noticed your getting more a litle bit fatter" Li Jie said "hmmm...shut up its your fault anyway!" Su Ying puffed his cheeks "why was i the one to blame?" "its because the food you cook tasted so delicious" Su Ying answered pointing the pot "hey...don't blame the food!" Li Jie said seriously "so just you know ,not just me all of the girls are complaining because they are starting to gain weight, because they can't limit themselves from eating the food you cook" Su Ying yelled. "ahhh i get it...I'll cook something more delicious next time, i wonder how will the ladies of Wang Clan will look when they gain more weight" a smirk emerge from Li Jie's expressionless face "you- your a demon!" Su Ying said in with a terrified expression

SirLazeAlot · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The King Meets His Avatar

Ye Qiu, one day, wakes up to find that he is facing against One Autumn Leaf. Ye Qiu's stats indicate NAME: LordGrain PLAYER'S LEVEL: 1 EQUIPMENT: • Headgear- level 1 • Shirt- level 1 • Pants - level 1 • Boots - level 1 WEAPON - level 1 PET- none MOUNT- none One Autumn Leaf has drawn his lance but, wait, he is smiling?! And the lance is pointing toward's Ye Qiu's chest?! And why does Ye Qiu feel sweat forming in his palm? Isn't he playing a game ? Or Is he dreaming ? Because he can't seem to log out at all!!!

Qingwa · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Slow life of an unfortunate couple in a fantasy world

Suggest in chapter comments cuz' I am lazy.

Old_Man_Zen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings