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Legendary Golden Apple Tree

Legendary Golden Apple Tree

In a fantastic world, some powerful shamans reached the limits of the human body and found a method to reach immortality. But this experiment didn't work well for all of them and Marwa opened his eyes later as an apple tree. (Cover created by Homeless_Dancer) (I, Demon Lord, speaks engrish sometimes. If you find any mistake, please send a Discord message, LordFinn@6418)

LordFinn · Fantasy
The Girl of an Old Mansion

The Girl of an Old Mansion

It was the time when the land of Noam experienced the dark arts and the most brutal murder within the walls of the Palace. The dying girl made sure that the echoes of her screaming will haunt the Palace for years. From there, the saga of curse begins. ********************************** Book of the Devil or Devil’s bible is the last resort to lift the curse. It is said that a monk who was sentenced to death for breaking his monastic vows offered a proposal to the King that he will create a book with the world's knowledge in return for his life. The King accepted the proposal but asked him to complete the manuscript in one night only. As a last gasp of survival, the monk made a deal with the devil and traded his soul also made an unbreakable vow to the devil for serving him till his last breath. Eventually, he completed the book in one night and gained his freedom.

Garima_Singh_9108 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings