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Based on the game Obey Me but is wrote in a way that you don't have to play the game. Hana wakes up in a realm not meant for Humans. She has been selected as an exchange student to the Devildom where for the next year she will find herself immersed in the lives of The Seven Brothers. They picked her because she was human, but secrets buried in her past comes to life and Hana learns there is more to herself and the realms around her. Who is she? What is she? Her very presence changes the lives of the men that surround her. Could she be the key to coexistence between the races or will her existence threaten those she cares about. **Based loosely on the new shall we date game, Obey Me. This does not follow the game story line. I do not own the original characters or any of the accompanying art.** **smut warning, trigger warning the MC was abused growing up.**

OnBrokenWings90 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings