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The Breaking

The Breaking

[Warning: still in writing] Cynthia and Asia are family who have only recently become very close friends. During their lunch period, they decide to roam the halls of the high school and they find a cellar that leads to a vaulted door. Inside, they find the corpse of a monster sitting in a gaming chair. Strangely, the light of the gaming television is still on and the game is paused. Perhaps from the UPS machine that stores power for an extended amount of time? Maybe. When Cynthia touches the corpse to confirm that the creature is, indeed, dead, something grabs her and takes her over. They leave as if nothing has happened, shaken by their findings and nervous about what they had found. What the heck had attacked Cynthia? Questions need to be answered and the answers need explanations. When the monster possesses Asia next, she has no idea what to expect, but definitely not what she got. She wakes up in an unfamiliar room and down the hall is a dark shadow man who feeds on the girls in the room. Asia just happens to be one of them. Whispers flood Asia's mind and she finds herself becoming the friend of the monster inside of her. What's with the shadow man? Why is Asia hearing his name in her mind? Why is she the only one not being taken from the room and fed to the shadow man? (Dark Fantasy)

Kirsten_Lee · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings