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Inuyasha And Naraku Love

It is a love short story about Inuyasha and Naraku now most of you know the show that is called the same name Inuyasha and him and Naraku are both half demons but they hate each other but not in this story I made it up myself I do not own the Inuyasha manga or the characters but I do own the title I named it and Corey and his brothers are also mine but nothing else well except for the chapter titles but that’s it so I hope you enjoy this book because I put my heart and soul into making this So yes Inuyasha and Naraku are lovers but they are friends first then everything else falls into place except that Naraku is possessive over protective a psychopath and he is dangerous plus he is a Cancer and Inuyasha is a Capricorn but they still love each other no matter what even if Naraku is all those things at all.?

bennettbelinda91_7809 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings