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falling into darkness a vampire's tale

an ordinary girl enjoying her life everything's gone right for her she has friends loving family and is about to be married to her childhood friend a boy that she is known all her life however not all things go as planned as her life suddenly becomes darker she will experience many trials in her life including meeting her soulmate or perhaps soulmates fighting terrible enemies gaining strength and suffering from terrible events will she rise above the darkness or be swallowed whole by it this is a concept story that's been floating in my head for a while writing it down to clear up space for my other works I do not plan on doing heavy research for this book nor continuing it for very long however should it gain in popularity I'll put a dedicated storyboard for it and expand the world including new chapters and so on I hope you enjoy it please leave comments and input on ways I can improve if at the end of my plot you all decide you want more please leave a message should enough of you comment on it in a positive light I'll further expand this universe thank you and enjoy

lightace19 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings