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Lost Unknown Queen

Taken place in a completely different world. You could see these people as a hybrid human race or even a form of human alien race. Some of the animals are familiar from like dogs,cats so on. Others are more on the mystical side. The planet isn't based off of earth. Animals or people didn't eat meat. Allot beast did attack humans and are very dangerous. All of the animals are immortal. Men could mind link a bond to a creature form a companion over the beast. Men could also form a bond connection to a woman it was like a imprint to your lover/ soulmate. It was powerful and if a man rejected his bond he would suffer a thousand years. Until he could feel any thing from another woman. Men were at the top dominant ones ruling this world.Some men weren't at the top considered weaker. Daytime and Nighttime are completely different in this world. Moon Phase was the time Women could go into heat and conceive a baby. Women were consider weaker,more gentle and needed protection. Pregnancy was different it wasn't always easy to carry unborn babies or get pregnant. Babies never had the immortal gene until about age two. Not everyone got this trait gift. They could die easily. Even aging was different from newborn to 100 years of age was considered still to young to make there own decisions. Until 500 then they were consider adults. Babies couldn't be conceived until a women/ girl were the breeding by 500-1000 years of age on rare occasion in there 100s at the marrying age. A women could only bare child for so long until her reproductive system died. Then the women no longer could go into heat and have children. A tubebaby is someone created in a Maternity Bio Factory that have no parents. They also used this Factory to impregnate slaves for breeding or to be sold. Tubebabies are group of people who were breed for war, slavery,or even just for adoption. Since carrying babies was hard to keep from miscarrying. If a female was killed but had the gift of the immortal gene she could be revived but the unborn baby died permanently. This story is about a young women/girl that shares unknown traits no woman has never had. In this world men and women were able to have an immortality gene trait. Others were only mortals and lived once if killed. Men took over the world went by Ranking. The average who lived a normal life with jobs. There was commoners who lived normal lives among each other in there society protecting each other. The business men who owned slaves and some power. The Barons who had higher power with faithful men to follow him wearing more colorful outfits and didn't have primaries. Above all the King's who have the higher power of all anyone with their six power primaries commander. The Barons and Kings liked war they gained more power and land. If they killed another Baron or King. He had to hide the body of an immortal person if he never wanted him to be revived to reign once more. This one woman has the power and more power compared to any man. Her blood was unique and could be the missing chain to a ultimate. She was a possible missing key to a full power men were lacking. After being abused by owners most of her life. She only dreamed to be a commoner to be free. After a king killed her owner and took her. He felt a bond connection form for her yet went into denial for feeling love for her. But he seen she was different right away. He was determined to find out the truth and give her an identity and name. He was a mixture of good yet he was evil in other ways. He was handsome and very power. Most feared him and wouldn't dare mess with him and some wanted everything he owned. Attacked his people. The identity of this one woman could be the start to a war greater then any war had come in the past. P.s I am still in the process of different ideas for this story and recently changed some of the beginning chapters. There will be mysterious narrator in the story to better understand the world. vote if you like it.

Sara_Weber_9938 ยท Fantasy
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