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BEEP! Cho Miyeon hides her real identity in a facebook dummy account. There, she reveals her real feelings, her real thoughts. Her life was a mess not until she met someone online. How will her life change when she finds out that she fell in love to the school's most known playboy?

zarcdelune · Teen
Not enough ratings
Just a

Just a Dream

In this world, there are different types of dreams; First thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word dream is our "dreams" when we fell asleep deeply. Sometimes a dream can be nightmares, it can be strange and it could be also a mystery. In short a dream can be anything at all. Second is our "dreams" in our life. What we want to be in the future. Sometimes our dreams might be impossible to reach but well, it is just a dream right? Dreaming is free as well as reaching for it. Sometimes it is attainable, but mostly it's not. As you can see, we have different perceptions about dreams. Whether it is big or small, blur or vivid it will always be a dream. But the question here is "can a dream will become reality"? Can you fight all the impossible odds? Can you reach the unattainable? Can you do all of these for your dream? She the dreamer... He who dreams... 1, 629 miles apart If your dream is really destined to come true in reality, it will surely be. But if it's not for you, it will always be "Just a Dream".

Jonamae_Mari_4316 · Teen
Not enough ratings