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Love Separated by The Atlantic

Love Separated by The Atlantic

This story is a sequel to 'That One Flight', I recommend you read that story first (if you haven't) just for the story to make more sense :) *This book has some explicit content* *UNDER REVISION* BOOK TWO from the 'O'Neill Series'. *PREVIOUSLY NAMED 'LOVE IN BELGRADE'.* *EXTRACT FROM THE STORY* "Umm, hi James, Ana here... in case if this phone number does not seem familiar to you. I just wanted to see how you are... umm... so... how are you?... I'm good if that is what you were going to ask me..." I pause before letting out a sigh. "But not as good as when I am with you..." I say, not believing how freely I just said that. "I... I miss you... very much... I can't help but wonder if you feel the same about me... if you miss me too...". Then my mind goes blank. "I... I..." I begin, searching for a topic. "I hope you have a good stay in Belgrade... I guess me wishing that I could see you again would be a bit too much of a wish..." I end my words with a giggle. I find myself, once again, walking around my living room. "Anyways, that is all that I wanted to say. I wanted to see how you are and if everything is okay. I also read that letter... you have a really beautiful way with words..." I say. "But how do you know I don't like being woken up?... Actually, I don't think anybody likes being woken up, so scrap that question..." I giggle, but then I shake my head. I am taking too long. "Sorry, this message must be very long by now, so I am going to finish now... I just... I really want to see you in person again..." I then once again pause as I look down at my legs that rub my carpet. "Anyways... that is all I have to say... see you- I mean, probably not really, but I am hoping I'll get to see you, you know...". A sigh escapes my lips. "Bye..." I say before distancing my phone from my ear and press the red button.

Strale · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings