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Poisened Wine

At the age of 18, werewolves start looking for their mates. Although, this is where your happy fairytale with a prince and all ends and you have to face reality. If a mature unmated werewolf turns the age 30, they die by the law of the Moon Goddess. So, what if your life just wasn't mean't to be average? You get abused, almost killed, escape and hide for a year or two, and somehow find out a plague killed all female werewolves, and you find your mate... though he hides a big secret from you. "Yipee". Could it get any worse?...

SocietyReverse · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Don’t Leave Me Within The Dark

“Whatever you do, Wherever you go, Please don’t forget me Within the darkness...”

A_Shy_Doe · Teen
Not enough ratings