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Due to the tumultuous event happened in the 2nd District, a young thief with an extrasensory perception got lost in the Palace. A palace where the Monarchs, the phenomenal Prince, and the great echelons live. The place where elites are loved, and homeless people like her are not welcomed. Status is important in the kingdom of Eufrata. Paupers can't even step into the palace. Bad luck or as it is, the Kingdom is looking for the precious stones. So in order to get out safely and save her fellow paupers, she needs to escape. But she only have two options; Sneak out and be killed by the sentries or join the team and look for the stones. She's stuck in a dangerous struggle and grievous mission. She needs to choose. She lives no Queen nor a princess, she doesn't belong to any royalties. She isn't great as the echelons, she ain't elite either. She doesn't live a normal life, she is not just a normal girl. Because she belongs to the lowest group in kingdom. She is a pauper. But she is extraordinary. Her perception is supernatural, and she is more than that. Will she be able to survive in a breathtaking atmosphere between elites and paupers? Is there a chance for a hopeless romantic between a pauper and an elite? How is she going to survive if she finds out that her capabilities are more than of what she expected? Will she survive when THE SEARCH begins?

Luv_Berry · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Sense by itsjosemariaa

Leslie miller is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, but with a hard past, that’s why she is cold, tough and shy. Over time, she will make new friends and start a relationship with her boyfriend Brad Clayton.

Itsjosemariaa · Teen
Not enough ratings