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Twin Star Phoenix Princess

On her wedding day, Feng Long Wan was betrayed. Instead, the one standing on the altar beside his man is a beautiful and successful woman she didn't know. Out of her hatred her vengeance blurred her vision and next thing she knew, she actually wasn't on the venue of the wedding hall. What's more, what she discover was a far more wrecked and absurd world. Females are lowly in status while men flaunts their power and wealth. Feng Long Wan who doesn't inherit any power since the original good is wasted has no power in society. What's more, every time she was in grave dangers she didn't die. She always wake up and the pain was still there. Feng long Wan doesn't have time to cope up with her broken heart when there's another problem arising. . . . However, when everything's okay and she stabilizes her position Mr fate decided to play again with her and bring her back to her own world prior to her wedding?! Now, how can she cope up seeing her ex and his fiancee? She was not prepared to this ah! and what's more she has even brought an excess baggage with her! ... Zhan Qing Lei: sipping tea on the rooftop while gazing at the unfamiliar civilization. ... Feng Long Wan: Bastard! Get back here! You're annoying our neighbors!!! ... Zhan Qing Lei: *grinning widely* Why the temper honey, I followed you here. Let just live happily ever after okay? *picture taken from google update is everyday if author is not busy. minimum of 5 chapters per week

laidbackprincess ยท History
Not enough ratings