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Wandering The Martial World

Earth, 2406, weathering the aftermath of it's eighth world war. Humans took to the sky's and beyond, leaving the surface of Earth forever disfigured. With the disappearing trace of humanity, Nature slowly recovered and took back what it had lost. A lone figure could be seen, left behind and forgotten by his own race. Engulfed in a battle against his emotions. Hunter-Gatherer Yamamoto Wang trekked across the ruins of humanity with nothing but a rifle, a blade, and a despotic A.I. Chip fused into his brain. Stalking a wounded animal for his next meal, he follows it into a cave and swiftly ending it's life and thanking it for the meal it gave him. As he exits the cave, a light blinds him. Sight slowly returning, a gut feeling hits him. He's no longer on Earth, and with the notification from his chip confirming it. He begins his new life in this vast new world, not knowing what destiny has in store for him.

Tofu4zed4 · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Last Rogue

DarkAngel_J24 · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings